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Hello, This is Environmental Conservation Afghanistan.

A website with related social media pages for helping Afghan people, especially youth to get information, motivation, and inspiration about the environment, and environmental-related issues, we think Afghanistan as a developing country need us, and other related initiatives for its sustainable future development.

Environmental Conservation Afghanistan


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Our Mission

Our mission is to broaden environmental-related knowledge and understanding of the Afghan society and become a source of environmental-friendly technologies introducer in the future, and an online movement for a better future.

-Sayed Nasrat Hashemi, Founder


For more about Sayed Nasrat Hashemi go to www.nasrathashemi.com



Education and public awareness is the real key to a society's prosperity, for instance, teaching and providing awareness about the dangers that come with the use of plastic bags for a hundred person will be easy, without conflict, and will cost less, while forcing the society to not use plastic bags is not easy, while it contains conflict and will cost massively, so as a person who has received free education from the tax that the Afghan society pays and as a responsible person who cares about his future generations I started this initiative and so does our team. -Sayed Nasrat Hashemi


Financial Sources

At the moment and until now we have been spending over this initiative from ourselves, and we did not have received any financial support from any person or organization, and at the moment we are not planning to receive public donations, as well as financial support from any organization, however, we consider providing environmental-related services to cover our expenses.